Sure, driving down the highway is fun, but that takes time. Fishing right here in the backyard, you can catch some after work fun.

Fishery managers have opened the middle section of the Yakima River to fishing for hatchery spring chinook salmon.

According to the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Yakama Nation and WDFW fishery managers are still forecasting a harvestable return of 2,000 or more adult Cle Elum hatchery spring chinook to the Yakima River even though the run is extremely late this year.

You can harvest two (2) hatchery chinook and use up to two (2), single-point, barbless hooks with a hook gap from point to shank of 3/4 inch or less.

Bait is allowed and with our cloudy spring river and debris, eggs are going to be your go-to.

It is very enjoyable over in the canyon below Roza, don't be afraid to hike away from the crowd. Watch your step though, there are lots of rattlesnakes.

Fishing for steelhead remains closed.

If you want to get the boat wet, fishing from boats equipped with an internal combustion motor is allowed only from the I-82 bridge at Union Gap to the east-bound I-82 bridge (upstream) at Selah Gap.

In town, the river is closed for all species 400 feet upstream from the upstream side of the Yakima Ave. /Terrace Heights Rd. bridge in Yakima, including the area adjacent and downstream of the Roza Wasteway No. 2 fish barrier rack next to Morton & Sons Inc.

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