Having seen countless concerts in my life, I still am infatuated with concert set lists.
These are the actual pieces of paper that have the (usually) hand-written order of songs that a particular band is going to perform on a given night.  I think I am intrigued by them because, unlike a t-shirt or poster that any random Joe can buy at the merch table, these pieces are entirely unique and prove that you attended a certain show.

I've been lucky enough to snag a few over the years, somethimes swiping them, others begging roadies for them.

In case you missed the show, I found this shot of Jack Russell's Great White on the Facebook page of on Susie Walker who, apparently, drove all the way from Post falls, Idaho to catch the show Saturday night at the 7th annual Smokeout/Chokeout at the SpeakEasy Sports & Spirits.

Nice job, Susie!