Green Day are one of the biggest bands in music in general, regardless of genre. They rose from the ranks of Northern California to Warped Tour perennials to eventually having a musical based on one of their albums (‘American Idiot’). They are about to release a trilogy of albums in the next few months. But it wasn’t always this rosy. Turns out the trio got paid a measly $100 to play Cleveland dive the Euclid Tavern back in 1992, two years before they exploded with ‘Dookie.’

Local Cleveland artist (who has near-legendary status in his hometown) Derek Hess used to book the venue starting all the way back in 1989. He’d book no-names who went on to became big names, and recently posted a piece of history from the period on Facebook: his daily planner. He kept scribbled notes about the acts that tore through the venue, such as how much they got paid and what items they requested for their dressing room, more commonly known as a rider.

Hess noted that Green Day was playing on a Wednesday night and were paid $100 for their efforts. Alt indie rockers Ween rolled through town a few months prior and collected $300.

It’s certainly an interesting picture of life as a club booker and of an up-and-coming band back in 1992. Good thing Hess saved the planner for posterity, so we could see a freeze frame in time 20 years later. Somebody oughta offer that thing to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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