What would be the equivalent of a Deadhead, but for Rage Against the Machine? Well, whatever the term is, Guy Fieri is that — he's apparently following them on their highly-anticipated reunion tour.

When you really love a band that puts on a really great show, it's understandable that you'd want to see them more than once, especially after we'd been deprived of seeing live music for so long. But to attend three different concerts by one artist in locations that aren't exactly around the block from each other spells dedication, and that's what Fieri has demonstrated so far.

Thanks to social media, we know that the restaurant guru was in attendance at Rage's July 27 show in Cleveland, Ohio, their July 29 show in Pittsburgh, Pa. and their July 31 show in Raleigh, N.C. Cleveland and Pittsburgh are only a little over two hours apart from one another, so that's not a huge trek, but Pittsburgh is almost eight hours from Raleigh by car. This guy's probably catching flights to see Zack de la Rocha and co. perform, and that's the type of loyalty only a stan would have.

Rage Against the Machine first announced the reunion back at the end of 2019. Their first scheduled performances were ill-fated, as they were set to take place in March of 2020. However, a little over two years later, they were finally able to take the stage, which marked their first time playing live together since 2011.

We don't know how far back Fieri's love for the rap-rockers goes, but he's proved himself. Their next two concerts are set to take place tonight (Aug. 2) and tomorrow (Aug. 3) in Washington, D.C., so we'll have to stay tuned and see if any footage of him in those crowds surfaces. For now, you can see some video clips of him jamming out at the previous shows below. And if you want to join him, you can get tickets to their tour with this link.

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