Put away the ice chests and pack up those board shorts, because summer is nearing its end. It’s time to take stock and look back at the Summer of 2012 with the results of our End of Summer Survey.

We asked you to give us your opinion on everything from your favorite thing about the summer to your favorite lady Olympic athlete. It turns out you guys love the summer because it means women tend to wear less clothing during the heat (Hey, we think alike!). And while you guys chose ice cold beer as your summer drink of choice, very few of you actually spent the entire summer wasted (OK, maybe we’re not that much alike.)

Read on to learn what you and your fellow GuySpeed readers thought about Summer 2012 – a sweaty season loaded with hot hot heat, Olympic games, cold brew, and of course, hot babes in bikinis.

Take a look at the results. Do you agree or disagree?

The best part of summer is… Women wearing less clothing, 79%

The heat can be unbearable, but this is a great upside to the rising temperatures. We’re gonna miss the revealing two-pieces and short shorts.


The worst part of summer is… Sweating like a pig, 36%

Like we said, the heat can be unbearable!


What is your drink of choice in the summer? — Ice cold beer, 60%

You guys kept it simple, and we love you for that. No mixed drinks or chilled champagne for you. Ice cold beer is a classic.


This summer, I got drunk… Just a couple times, 44%

It’s the Internet, guys. We’re not asking for your social security card number. You can lie!


Which newly-single woman would you want to be stuck on a deserted beach with? — Katy Perry, 41%

Just think, if you had to swim to shore, she’d make a great flotation device!


Who was the hottest American female Olympian? Alex Morgan, 41%

No one could take the crown from this sexy soccer player.


Who was the hottest Olympian from another country? Leryn Franco, 59%

She’s tosses the javelin and she’s a model. The only choice, really.


Which summer Olympic sport was the dumbest? Racewalking, 56%

Definitely not a spectator sport.


The best part about summer ending is… Here comes football!, 56%

Fantasy, cheerleaders, barbecues and tailgate parties! We couldn’t agree more.

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