You may have seen Facebook blow up today about a soldier walking for many miles, he made quite a splash when he crossed the bridge and entered Benton City today for his final destination. Cindy Jackson-de Leur was one of the many onlookers to welcome First Sergeant Mitch Kriebel today to his final destination after his 150 mile march.

First Sergeant Mitch Kriebel started walking one week ago from Lewiston, ID and finished in Benton City. This was a personal journey meant to honor fallen military. Cindy was able to snap many photos of him entering this small town for his emotional ending to his journey, Cindy said she wanted to get his whole story but she didn't want to be bothersome after he had been walking for an entire week, she did say that he seemed so happy to be done though!

Mitch was accompanied by police officers, fire trucks, a group of his team and many happy supportive folks in Benton City. I am excited to report he even made a visit to my little bar the "Palm Bar & Grill" and got to take pictures with my co-worker Ashley!

Thank you to all first responders and to all our men and women in the military, We salute you!

"Ruck for the Fallen" is dedicated to their unwavering support for families who have lost a first responder, an active military member, a veteran in the line of duty or who are experiencing mental, emotional and physical effects. Raising money for these heroes is their goal. They have a community of dedicated Ruckers raising funds by participating in ruck challenges, local events and races and all which are sponsored by a military unit.

All donations raised are used for the well-being of their hero’s and their families.

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