How about that? I finally got on the boat with the guys from Team Rogue Bear on Sunday.

After the last few weekends chasing trout with the kids, it was nice to get on the boat with James Scott and Jason Conger.

We had aspirations of finding some early catfish spawning on the flats near Bateman's Island and launched from Columbia Point.

The Columbia is high and fast and full of crap.

The Yakima is high and fast and full of chocolate milk.

We fished the flats and found that the peamouth are spawning and there in huge numbers. Actually, really niced sized ones as well.

For those of you wondering if we caught northern pikeminnow, yes, they are there spawning as well. Big hens and lots of line tappers. The reward fishery is set to open on May 1st, but I warn you from experience it is not an easy way to make a living.

More on that later in another post.

The catfish aren't there yet. The water is just a tad too cold to get them ready to get busy yet, so stay tuned and I will keep you up to date when it's a good time to make the drive down.

You can catch four or five 20-30 pounders when the flats are rockin'.

All in all though, it was a fantastic day spent wasting worms and bitching about the things dudes bitch about when they go fishing.

Team Rogue Bear

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