It was windy going on Sunday, but from what I am hearing stocked trout lakes and walleye on the Columbia are the hot ticket right now.

I have seen some reports from guides that are just showing clients unheard of days fishing for walleye rather than wasting time on the slow spring season.

That's not to say they aren't trying for those part of the day.

But when your option is to throw a butt load of fish in the boat or sit there waiting for fish that aren't coming, you choose the fun option.

There were plenty of filled banks along the usual spots along the Columbia River, but every rig with a kayak strapped to the top that surveyed the water decided not to risk the wind. It was just too windy.

The wind affected all of the catfish spots I tried that were open along the muddy banks of the Wye area. The peamouth are spawning, caught those in droves.

We drove up to a stocked trout pond for the rest of the afternoon and had fun with water bobbers and flies. The fish are not going crazy for the wooley buggers like they usually do.

I tried some bead caddis fly variations and hummers and even flipped a rock to see what was hatching.

The fish are there, but I saw the bait fishermen struggle.

Fishing for trout with bait is as boring as watching paint dry to me, so I have no idea why people do it anyway.

The main thing is to get out anyway.

Just remember the allergy medicine, it is unbelievably horrible out there right now for seasonal allergy sufferers.

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