Take the quiz below to test your knowledge of when it is legal to honk your car horn. When you are finished, we will reveal the Washington State law regarding the issues of legality when honking your horn when on a public road.

Meanwhile, last night in episode 3 of Season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm, "Minor Disturbances", actor Larry David receives a traffic ticket for honking the car horn at a police patrol car in front of him (the policeman's car did not move after the traffic light turned green). Larry (who is driving his best friend's new Tesla car) honks in frustration at the officer, who then gets out of his patrol car and proceeds to issue Larry a traffic ticket. Larry contests the ticket unsuccessfully during his traffic court hearing. He argues that "no one is above the beep!". Larry ends up losing his case and has to pay a $275 traffic ticket, but in my opinion, he did ask a perfectly legal question: "Is it illegal to beep at a cop?"

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