Hey, we've all had our moments, right? Tip back a few too many, and suddenly you're pretty much on your ass.

So when Grand Funk Railroad plays the Central Washington State Fair as part of the US Cellular Concert Series Sept. 30, let's not make that mistake again. It'll be party time, big time -- but don't you don't want to end up in a booking photo.

Richard Sambora Arrested For DUI
Getty Images

Don't, for example, follow the shameful examples of the people whose pictures we're ridiculing as part of our Grand Drunk Railroad contest.

Here's how it works: We're posting a DUI booking photo of a different unfortunate celebrity each day. All you have to do it look at the picture and tell us who it is. If you guess correctly, you're in the running for our drawing for two tickets to that Sept. 30 Grand Funk Railroad show on the Corona Stage.

Easy as opening a twist-off cap!

Got your Cragmont Cola in hand? OK, today's Grand Drunk Railroad celebrity is pictured above. Fill out the form and slam down your answer ...

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