I found myself in Seattle, specifically at University Village, and walked by a shop that said they featured plant-based ice cream. Well, I was curious. I do love me some ice cream but ice cream from plants? I mean, if it tastes the same and feels the same I'd have no complaints. Let's check it out.

It looked like any typical ice cream shop on the inside. They had several options to choose from but what makes the gimmick is plant-based. What's plant-based about it? In lieu of cow milk, they use substitutions like coconut milk and things like that. The products they put in it are very vegan-friendly.

I was going to buy a scoop for myself but the lady behind the counter offered free samples. I opted for what they called 'twix'. I'm here to tell you that I love ice cream and couldn't tell the difference in flavor, texture, temperature, and everything else. It tasted great! If you happen to see vegan ice cream, don't shy away from it. It may just change your life.

I'm not going vegan or anything but I am always curious about the future of food we find so fondly of.

The name of the shop was Frankie & Jo's. They have a few locations in Seattle featuring a spot in Ballard, Capitol Hill, and Univerity Village. They also feature pints in stores and even ship all over the west coast including stores in California and Oregon along with Washington. Stores like Whole Foods. Probably nothing in Yakima unless it's a store like Grocery Outlet.

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