For Seattle Mariners fans, this weekend, while highly scripted, could not have possibly ended any better if it were entirely orchestrated.

Following a three-day lovefest for favorite son Ken Griffey, Jr. upon his jersey number retirement and induction into the National Baseball Hall of Fame and a three-game sweep of division rival Anaheim, Mariners fans got another cherry on top of their deliriously delicious baseball sundae when the news that Ichiro Suzuki had just collected his 3,000th career base hit moments earlier.

Following the game at Coors Field in Colorado, Ichiro (which, coincidentally, is Japanese for "first son") conducted a post-game interview with his team translator. When one reporter informed Suzuki of the Seattle faithful's standing ovation to him, the normally zen-like national treasure of the island nation became visibly emotional with his lower lip quivering and his brow furrowing.

Ichiro quickly collected himself and issued the following quote: "I don't have words for how wonderful that is for them to show that and support me. To have that special moment to share with the fans there, I don't have any words how grateful I am."

Mariners CEO Howard Lincoln, who was instrumental in making Ichiro the first Japanese position player to ever play Major League Baseball, also issued a congratulatory statement on behalf of the team and offering a "tip of the Mariners cap to Ichiro".

We'll pick-up the portion of the interview when the reporter reveals to Suzuki the Seattle fan's reaction at the 4:05 mark of the 12 minute-plus interview

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