Former Iron Maiden singer Blaze Bayley has been hospitalized following a heart attack.

“We sincerely regret to announce that Blaze had a heart attack at home yesterday evening and is now in hospital in a stable condition, awaiting news of further surgery/treatment,” read a message from Bayley’s management, posted on the singer’s official Facebook page.

While the statement noted that Bayley “is in good spirits,” it added that the rocker was “utterly disappointed to have to postpone our imminent shows due in March and April.”

The affected dates include a run of performances in France, Germany and the Czech Republic. Bayley’s management noted they’d have to “wait a short while to see how quick Blaze’s recovery will be” before determining if performances later in the year would also need to be postponed.

“Blaze misses you, cannot wait to regain full health & see you all again. Every Storm Ends… ‘your heart will heal,” the message read in closing, quoting a song from his 2021 album War Within Me.

Read the full Facebook post below.

Bayley was hired as Iron Maiden's singer in 1994. While fronting one of metal's most iconic acts was an incredible opportunity, it also put the singer in an unenviable position. Not only was Bayley tasked with replacing the legendary Bruce Dickinson, he also had to help Maiden survive during the rise of grunge. Bayley released two albums with the Iron Maiden, The X Factor (1995) and Virtual XI (1998), neither of which were well-received. He departed in 1999 as Dickinson returned.

Outside of his stint in Iron Maiden, Bayley has enjoyed a long run as the singer of the heavy metal group Wolfsbane, as well as a successful solo career. His most recent show, prior to the heart attack, took place on March 19.

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