Yakima Scan's Facebook page recently sent out an alert about a possible situation involving the Yakima police surrounding the Ding Ho Chinese Restaurant building at South 16th Ave and Washington Ave. Fortunately, the incident turned out to be nothing major, but it did spark up some interesting conversations and town gossip in the comment section.

One of those comments stated that Ding Ho is moving to a new location on Nob Hill Boulevard. Sure enough, a quick internet search on Yelp says the popular Chinese eaterie is permanently closed. Perhaps you have already heard this information, so this may not be news to you (but it is news to me).

The rumor I gathered from the Facebook comments is that Ding Ho is moving to the old Casa Mia restaurant building (which is now the old Kabob Greek House building) at 3312 West Nob Hill Blvd.

Let's stay tuned to see if the rumors will come true!

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