In an effort to gain more pre-orders, video game companies and stores like GameStop are offering more pre-order offer incentives than ever. Everything from t-shirts to exclusive weapons and maps. In the case of 'Hitman: Absolution', if you pre-order this new title at GameStop, you'll receive the free standalone game 'Hitman: Sniper Challenge', but is it worth it?


What's nice about this standalone is that the action picks up immediately after a quick debriefing on your mission objective. If you forgot what you're supposed to do, you can also look at the debrief again. Basically, snipe the bad guy and all his goons. Seems simple enough but once you shoot one, if anyone sees the body they may act suspicious and start looking around for you. If caught, your mission objective escapes and you have to try all over again.

Since this is a pre-order bonus, you're treated to previews of Hitman: Absolution between every attempt that you can skip over if you'd like.

One downside to this standalone? It's only the one level. Rooftop sniping, one mission objective and not a very wide span to cover for exploration purposes, but this is countered with plenty of bonus objectives like finding the 3 rubber duckies and shooting pigeons that are perched on statues or in flight. The online leaderboard will also have you competing with your friends.

Since Hitman: Absolution isn't released until November 20th, we'd recommend pre-ordering this title if you have plans on picking it up. This one level with all of it's bonuses will keep you playing until it's release date. And it's free with your pre-order so you can't go wrong.

Is it worth the pre-order?

Answer: YES