Picking the name for your newborn is a very serious decision. You have to pick a name that's right for them, something that will keep them safe, yet, give them their own personality. Something that might make them stand out, yet, make them unique in their own way.

There are several unique names that are totally allowed. I've known people named Feather, Silence, January, Apple, Fox and many others. No doubt you do as well.

Well, as it turns out, there's a few names you absolutely can't use as they will be rejected. According to Today, here are the banned baby names.

Santa Claus
You can't name your baby Santa Claus. Though not sure why you'd want to. They'd live a life of torment of others asking for free stuff and you can never sit down as someone will always want to sit on your lap.

This one is interesting. Not sure if they're the third in their line of family or the third child. Either way, III was rejected.

I mean, c'mon. How do you expect to @ them on social media if @ is their name?

Adolf Hitler
No explanation needed.

Jesus Christ
This one, however, you could maybe get away with. There's nothing wrong with the name Jesus. I've known a few people named Jesus growing up in Yakima. Christ? Well, if you went the full name Christian which is a perfectly good name I wonder if you could get away with naming your child Jesus Christian but not sure that would fly, either. The name Jesus Christ was another name banned by courts in the United States.

Interesting to find out other names banned around the world, too. Names like in Sweden you can't name your child Ikea, Woodstock in Germany, Anus in Denmark, Nutella in France, Lucifer in Iceland, Robocop in Mexico and several others were all banned, mostly due to not wanting the child to be teased.

Some countries don't want names that sound too foreign like Sandy in Saudi Arabia, Jenny in Portugal and a lot more.

Names that sound like titles like King or Prince were banned in New Zealand as well.

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