Washington state’s hometown hero, Kyle MacLachlan, recently made the news for a couple of things: 1) He’s allegedly working on opening up a wine tasting room in Walla Walla; and 2) TV Fans want his infamous Sex and the City character, Trey McDougal, to bump into Charlotte in Manhattan.

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Don't tell anybody, but I still haven't forgiven Trey MacDougal for being a lousy first husband to Charlotte York. Him, and his mama! 😂

Kyle MacLachlan with Kristen Davis from HBO's Sex and the City
Kyle MacLachlan and Kristen Davis, Getty Images, 2000


Now, I'm a skeptic by nature and I’m not one to believe in conspiracy theories, BUT...these great genes that Kyle MacLachlan seems to have makes me wonder if perhaps he is a living vampire. Gasp, I said it out loud! I mean, the man hardly seems to age!

FUN FACT: Did you know Kyle MacLachlan is a classically trained singer?

His Yakima roots helped nourish Kyle MacLachlan's theater chops, but his flair for the dramatic after graduating from U-Dub* made him famous. After wowing sci-fi fans across the globe with his starring role in the 1984 movie, Dune, Kyle’s celebrity status was cemented.

Kyle MacLachlan played alongside Elizabeth Shue in the 1996 movie, The Trigger Effect, when he was still baby-faced and very hot.

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Once Kyle got the leading role in the cult classic show, Twin Peaks, he was a bonafide star. Years later, when he got cast in Sex and the City, he was introduced to a whole new audience of fans!

I have to admit, my favorite role that Kyle has played (not counting Twin Peaks or Sex and the City) is when he was the “Mayor” in Portlandia. I am sitting here chuckling just thinking about his quotes from that sketch show!


Kyle is going to be 65 years old in a few months, but for some reason, I find that hard to believe. I think he’s an ancient vampire because he stayed looking perpetually in his 30s for the past 30 years. Only NOW have I started to notice he’s turned into a silver fox.

I can’t wait to see Kyle's movie, Miranda’s Victim, a movie that was released last week starring Abigail Bresin, Luke Wilson, Andy Garcia, Donald Sutherland, Taryn Manning, and Ryan Phillippe, and his upcoming role in the movie, Pussy Island, co-written by Zoe Kravitz starring Channing Tatum.

Celebrity Actor Kyle MacLachlan, Yakima, WA Native, Thru the Years

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