My in-laws own a huge motor home/RV and once while visiting, my son asked an interesting question. "Can I live in the motor home all year long?" I wasn't sure, so I looked it up.

So you own an RV and you (or your kid) want to live in it all year long, but can you really do it in Washington State? The answer to that question is not so simple surprisingly. According to Washington State law, it is legal to live in an RV with no restrictions statewide but there are lots of zoning restrictions you will need to worry about depending on where you are trying to stay.

A quick search will come up with two different answers for how long you can stay in an RV in the same location in Washington. One source says 180 days, the other says 210 days. Neither say that the amount of time is enforced or what the penalty would be if you stay longer. You can even be considered a resident of Washington State if you reside in "a motor home or vessel which is not permanently attached to any property if the person previously lived in this state and does not have a permanent residence in any other state."


What you really need to talk about is, should you stay in an RV all year? RVs are typically made for the warmer months and can be ridiculously expensive to heat in the winter. Pipes freeze, things break, and it gets very expensive. The only real solution I see would be to travel in the winter months to a location warmer where you don't have to worry about freezing temperatures. Then you have to worry about the cost of driving there, and gas is not cheap these days.

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If you have children, there is a whole list of other things to worry about from their health to making sure they are in school. All children must attend state-sanctioned school by age 8, however home school does count according to Washington State law. All home school has to meet the guidelines, laws, and regulations of Washington State. If you choose to send your child to public school instead, there are other obstacles like establishing a permanent residence and getting a driver's license.

Can you live in your RV in Washington State? The answer seems to be yes, but it will not be easy. Just tell your kid NO WE CAN'T! 😆

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