According to the WA State Department of Commerce, the announcement came on Wednesday about large grants to create more charging stations for EVs.

  5,000 charging stations will be created (individual chargers)

$85 million will be granted to various entities to build these charging stations. According to information released by the Dept. of Commerce:

"Grantees will install and open a combined 4,981 chargers at 565 sites throughout Washington state. Commerce selected locations and projects that will give more people easier access to chargers with a focus on multi-family housing and public spaces such as libraries, parks and recreation centers. The $85 million in grants will fund 4,710 Level 2 chargers and 271 DC fast chargers. Funding is from the Washington Electric Vehicle Charging Program and the Climate Commitment Act."

The specific list of projects, locations, and number of chargers per station will be released by Thursday or Friday. Level 2 are mid-range chargers that usually require a few hours to fully charge a typical EV,  fast chargers are capable of fully restoring an EV in as little as 30-40 minutes.

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This represents the largest single investment by the state so far to create more charging locations.

Recent studies have shown the state is well far behind being capable of fulfilling the needs of charging EVs if the state's pending ban on the sale of new fossil fuel vehicles stands (2030).

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