At first glance, the female suspect did a lot of damage at the Grant County Courthouse in Ephrata. But when you learn why she was there, it gets even more bizarre.

  Deputies arrest woman after she goes berserk on windows, fire alarm

Perhaps she was determined to be lodged in jail, even if it meant adding more crimes to her rap sheet.

Early Friday morning, February 17th, around 1:45 AM 23-year-old Lorna Villanueva Ozuna showed up at the Grant County Jail in Ephrata with the intent to turn herself in on an outstanding misdemeanor bench warrant.

However, due to booking restrictions, she could not be admitted at that time. So, she decided to, for reasons as yet unknown, go on a rampage. She broke out several windows and a glass door at the courthouse and pulled a fire alarm.

Grant County Deputies and Ephrata Police who responded found her several blocks away. Now, instead of the misdemeanor bench warrant, she is facing the following charges, according to the GCSO:

(she was jailed on)  "suspicion of second-degree burglary, second-degree malicious mischief, and tampering with a fire alarm."

The GCSO and Ephrata Police did not indicate if she was under the influence of any drugs or alcohol, more information is expected to be released.

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According to the GCSO, the Grant County Jail is under restrictions for misdemeanor bookings due to the jail being at maximum inmate capacity and low available staffing. That's why she was turned away.

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