TL;DR Version: Take the poll below to vote for your favorite BEST tasting pizza crust in the Yakima Valley.


Pizza History in the Yakima Valley

Best Tasting Pizza Crust

From the info I could find online, it seems the oldest running pizza joint in the Yakima Valley that is still open is Magic’s Pizza Shack located in Selah. They opened in 1977 and have been operating for some 46 years!

The next oldest is Abby’s Legendary Pizza in Yakima, which opened its doors in 1983.

Doc’s Pizza in Granger opened in 1994.

Shout out to my homie, the Stonehenge Tavern in Zillah (RIP 2022). I got to eat their pizza only once, back in the mid-2000s, but I remember it was some of the best tasting pizza I’d ever had. I couldn’t locate exactly when the Stonehenge opened up as a tavern offering pizza. (I did find out, however, that in the 50’s, the building used to be Pastime Tavern & Barber Shop, and before that it was a car mechanic shop named Harvey’s Garage.) The building was destroyed in an accidental fire last year.

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The Ultimate Guide to Pizza Crust

Best Tasting Pizza Crust Yakima Valley POLL

In my opinion, what makes a pizza crust taste the BEST is the amount of butter, salt, and sometimes garlic added or brushed over the top of the crust once it's fully baked. It must be thick, but not hard and crunchy, unless you are ordering a thin-crust pizza. The pizza crust must be easy to chew, and not tough!

"The perfect pizza crust in the Yakima Valley must have the perfect hint of sweetness from the dough, with the perfect balance of crispy and chewy layers that take you to FLAVORTOWN!" - Something that Guy Fieri would probably say on the Food Network.

Vote for the Best Tasting Pizza Crust Yakima Valley

My favorite pizza crust in the Yakima Valley is Round Table Pizza. There’s something about the savory flavors that makes me crazy and hunger for more! What is it that they put in their pizza crust that makes it so freaking yummy? It wasn't listed in the poll we did on our "radio sister" station's Facebook page, but all of my other favorite pizza crusts were.

Vote - Best Tasting Pizza Crust in the Yakima Valley

Take the poll and let us know who you think has the best tasting pizza crust in the Yakima Valley.


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