If you are a Capitol Theatre insider news subscriber, you probably already saw the email that went out announcing Margaret Cho coming to Yakima this May.

I was lucky enough to interview Margaret Cho on my morning radio show a few years back.

I greeted her by saying "Hello" in Korean, since I knew that she spoke the language and her family is of Korean descent.

She mocked me for having a Southern accent when I said, "annyeonghaseyo." (I was born and raised in Tennessee, so she was spot on.) She had a good laugh at my expense, and I loved it!

Margaret Cho Tour Mature Audience Show Coming to Yakima This May
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Margaret is coming to Yakima, and I couldn't be more excited!

As a member of the Programming Committee for the Capitol Theatre, I was happy to give my thumbs up for the decision to have her show here.

Tickets for her Livid Lounge tour are already on sale in Bellingham, but they go on sale here in Central Washington on March 19th.

There will be a VIP option that lets you get into a private party before the concert.

As you might anticipate, I have already purchased my ticket to be a VIP! Being a VIP gets you a seat in the reserved section in the theatre.

There will be tickets available in three Tiers, $42, $62, and $82 seats.


Margaret Cho has an impressive set of accolades. She's won five Grammys, a GLAAD Golden Gate,  and was nominated for an Emmy!

You may have seen Margaret most recently on the MAX shows Hacks starring Jean Smart, and Flight Attendant. She also has comedy specials on Netflix.

FUN FACT: Margaret played "Mrs. Wattana" on an episode of Pound Puppies!

Pound Puppies Season 3 Episode Rebound's First Symphony with Margaret Cho
Hasbro Studios via Amazon Prime Video

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