You can get a feel for what’s popular on the national music charts by simply looking at which songs are amongst local residents’ favorites. Shazam keeps track of that each week. Who was at the top of the Shazam searches this past week? Was it a popular rap, country, pop, or international song? Was it a song that you are a fan of, too? I can’t wait to find out which songs were in the top 20 Shazam searches for folks living near Seattle and Portland.


Top 20 Songs Shazammed by Seattle and Portland This Past Week

I use Shazam all the time to discover my new favorite music, especially in restaurants and coffee shops that blare radio stations and piped-in playlists over their loudspeakers (looking at you, MOD Pizza). I love re-discovering songs from my forgotten playlists of decades past, like “In the House of Stone and Light” by Martin Page. (Remember that bop from 1994?)

Shazam is a popular mobile app that allows your Android or Apple phone to listen to a few seconds of a song and then Shazam identifies the melody, according to a massive music playlist that spans across all kinds of genres.

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For example, here are two songs currently in the top music Shazams for Portland and Seattle. Notice how the popularity varies for both cities.


David Kushner
#2 in Portland but it’s #18 in Seattle

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Morgan Harper-Jones
“I Wanna Dance with Somebody”
#11 in Seattle but comes in at #27 in Portland


The Streets
“Who’s Got the Bag”
#6 in Portland but doesn’t appear anywhere in the top searches in Seattle

Find Shazam on Google Play or in the Apple Store.

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