Whether you were born in Washington or you've moved here recently you've obviously figured out some life hacks about living in our state. However there's a whole lot more that barely scratches the surface, so we're gonna spill the beans.

That's right, we're going to share with you the seven life hacks for living in Washington, these life hacks have been passed down from generation to generation, so hopefully, these help you out. We'll try to keep them so simple that people in other states will actually understand what we're talking about and maybe even entice them to visit...just visit tho, though we're at maximum occupancy.

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7.) Use Newspaper to dry your Shoes.

No don't go just rubbing the funny sections on your shoes, it's a bit more intricate, well, not really. After being out in the Rain, or snow in Washington, you can slip up and step into a puddle or if you're not careful a lake. However, instead of taking your shoes off and setting them by a fire or heater, you can simply just stuff newspapers inside to help soak up the moisture.

6.) Make your own Iced Coffee

Yes we have a million amazing coffee stands around the Greater Washington Area, however, that doesn't mean you have to drop $60 bucks a week on getting your iced mocha. Simply brew a pot of coffee, instead of drinking it pour it into ice cube trays and freeze it. Next time you make a coffee, dump the coffee from the tray into your glass, and boom, saved money and have a delicious iced coffee that won't get watered down.

5.) Protect your Valuables on Hikes

Washington is absolutely gorgeous, everywhere you look seems like it was ripped from a postcard and put into reality, but we can assure you that's just Washingtons' natural beauty. However, you can't truly predict the weather, one minute it calls for sunshine in the 80s, the next you're facing a down poor and desperately seeking shelter. So prepare accordingly, pack a bag with everything you might need including clothes, food, and any kind of safety precautions. However, instead of throwing them into a regular old backpack, line the backpack with a trash bag, this will insure no matter rain, or shine your stuff will stay dry.

4.) Avoid driving in the Snow

Look, I get it, you're a pro at driving and just waiting for that call to bring you up into the ranks of Nascar where you can win the indy 500. Sadly, other drivers are not as well equipped but still think they can brave it through severe weather. This is how you see an experienced driver on the side of the road in a pile-up. Because someone else was driving like an idiot and made them pay for it because they tried to be on the road. So if you can, stock up for the snow, and enjoy watching everyone else crash into each other from the comfort of your Instagram.

3.) Pack emergency Kindling for your camping trip.

I know you're thinking, "Why would i wanna lug around kindling when I'm hiking or going camping?" Well here's something fun, that kindling is simply a pack of corn chips, doritios work the best. In an emergency situation or trying to start a fire in crazy weather conditions Doritios or corn chips do catch fire and work great for kindling.

2.) Don't Renew your Licesne at the DMV

That's right, living in Washington state has some perks, including the fact that you can renew your license online, not many states offer this, but the select ones that do bring extreme convince to those who reside in their state, including Washington.

1.) More Newspaper?

That's right more! Not only is it great for drying your shoes, but it's the perfect deternet to keep your windshield from freezing over. simply place open sheets of news paper over your windshield at night before you go to bed, when you come out in the moring simply peel it off and see that you're ice free.


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