A couple of years ago Yakima was introduced to Daily Deals. It was an Amazon-return store where every item in-store had a set price one one day, and the prices would drop each day until the final day where everything was $1.

Then it would reset with new stock where everything would be a set price all over again.

It's fun just to see what they have. I've seen vacuums, printers, clothing, boots, video games, supplements, and so much more all at the daily set price.

Due to the popularity they had to relocate to a new location which didn't last very long. They had also expanded out of Yakima to Tri-Cities and Sunnyside. Great to hear that they're growing, but people in Yakima were still wanting a new Yakima location.

The wait will soon be over.

Where is Daily Deals in Yakima?

Daily Deals announced their new location will be off 1st and Nob Hill in a huge building with plenty of uninterrupted parking. The physical address is 13 E Ranchrite Rd just on the east side of the Nob Hill overpass. Great location.

This is their biggest location to date. Huge floor area means more tables for more deals.

I'm fond of Daily Deals as it's not exactly the type of place you visit to find something specifically. You just show up and see what's out there for a deal. I've found polaroid cameras, nice shoes in my size, electric razors, Halloween costumes for my kids, and found a case of cereal -- all at a deal.

No exact opening date on when they'll open but soon as I find out I'll let you know. Download the app to stay updated.

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