Living in Washington you're used to having to answer a lot of questions whenever you travel, or meet somebody on the internet from somewhere else. Everyone has so many questions about our home and some of them we're just sick and tired of.

So we decided to put the top five things we're so over trying to explain to others and the question that goes along with them. The answers can be simple but people jsut don't seem to understand, so we're gonna make this as easy as possible. Have you ever been asked any of these questions?

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5.) Are you From Seattle

Whenever you tell someone you're from Washington State they love asking if you live in Seattle, no most of us actually don't live in Seattle. Funny enough there's hundreds of other cities in Washington most of them better than the Seattle area.

4.) Do you drink a lot of Starbucks

Oh you live in Washington, the birthplace of Starbucks, you must drink it all the time! No actually, there's thousands of coffee shops and stands all around Washington, not that we hate Starbucks but that's not all we drink.

3.) Do you Work for Microsoft

Once again, no, we don't all work for microsoft, if we did there wouldn't be a homeless crisis in our state. Not that Microsoft is to blame, they just make a whole lot of money. Granted some may actually work there it's not as many as you probably think.

2.) Are you Close to the White house?

Oh boy, if we had a dollar for every time i've been asked this question we could probably afford to move to Washington D.C. not that we wanna live there. However, they're thinking of the wrong Washington, to the point where we always have to correct ourselves and them that it's Washington State.

1.) Do You Miss Russell Wilson?

This one has been asked a whole lot in the start of the latest Seahawks season, everyone keeps asking do you miss Russell Wilson? We're here to put this question to rest, heck no we don't miss Russell Wilson, we appreciate everything he's done in Seattle, charities, events and love for the fans. However the last few years we got tired of seeing our qb get sacked, balls being thrown away, and games being lost. We absolutly love Geno Smith and we couldn't be happier with the new team.

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