Whether you've moved into a new place or you're tired of the old decor that has been hanging in your house for years. We found Four great stores where you can recreate your entire home or set up your new one to make it feel like home.

This is perfect for any walk of life if you love the old country western style or new modern, or maybe you're a fan of the 70s and need lava lamps in every room. These stores have something for anyone, so let's check out the list!

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3.) Whimsical Details

This store truly is a hidden gem located in the Yakima Valley, they can turn your boring old living room into a Thriving Room. Located at 30 N 2nd Street you can waltz in and enjoy everything they have to offer, need a little help finding the exact thing or decor you want to get, ask a sales associate and see them light up as they help you find every perfect piece for your home.

2.) Hobby Lobby 

Hobby Lobby may not be a local store specificity but it's an amazing one that has something for anyone decorating. Maybe you love that old-style western look, they have stuff for you. Perhaps you're a giant nerd who needs everything scifi in your life, they have a whole section for that. Perhaps you're trying to go contemporary and get some new furniture while you're at it, they have it all. They constantly have huge sales and are a perfect spot to go holiday shopping while you're at it.

1.) FiddleSticks

A true staple in the Yakima Valley whether you're looking for gifts for others, or you wanna update your own home. This is a great place to be in that case, the shop does go through changes but none too crazy, just enough to greet each season that comes with new decor and gifts. You can find them located at 1601 and Summitview.

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