When it comes to businesses and restaurants people in Yakima would like to see, Chic-fil-A is often ranked very high in mentions from people around here who would love to see a Chic-fil-A restaurant in town.

Did you know that if you have a spare $10k, you can open your own Chic-fil-A?

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Cost of Franchising a Restaurant

The cost of franchising a restaurant differs from brand to brand. Most, on average, are around $30,000. This means you're basically buying the rights to open a name-brand restaurant so you get to open your own McDonald's or Papa John's legally. You get all the tools it takes to open and start a business that already has some name recognition.

Fun Fact: Red Robin in Yakima was the first Red Robin that was franchised outside of the city of Seattle. Yay, us!

Chic-fil-A is no different outside of the fact that they're the cheapest to open and start up in your town. $10,000. The information on their site has everything you need to know about it. According to TheHustle.co places like Pizza Hut cost $35k with KFC being $48k to start. Chic-fil-A is only asking for $10,000 but with a higher take to the corporate level.

On the low-end, Wendy's, McDonald's and others only ask for 4% royalties. Chic-fil-A asks for 15%. They do take care of a lot for you so if it's worth the investment, Chic-fil-A takes care of real estate, equipment and so much more but with that 15% and more in profits, it's all things to consider.

Still, I do think Chic-fil-A would do well in a town like Yakima. Maybe we'll see one sometime!

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