A Disneyland guest was arrested in the theme park on Friday, Feb. 9, after a "violent" altercation with security, according to a viral TikTok.

"Guy got arrested last night at Disneyland. We came at the end. There were 4 Disney security guards on top of him until Anaheim PD came. It seemed like he was violently fighting Disney security. Took officers a long time to get him under control, they eventually put him in a wheelchair to get him out but he kept resisting," the video's caption reads.

Many people commented on the video trying to figure out what happened to cause the altercation.

"I know there was someone running around on the train tracks that they had trouble finding [that night]," one person commented.

Someone else claimed that the altercation was caused by drinking alcohol.

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"We were on that ride as it happened. As we got off, we heard he was drunk and pushed his wife, then it turned to pushing security," the person wrote in the comments section.

Another person claimed that one of the security guards allegedly told his niece that the fight was due to drugs.

"A girl in the comments said her uncle is in the video (security). He said they were on drugs and started fighting," they said.

"I saw security all through Frontierland and at the start of the line at [Pirates of the Caribbean]," someone else said.

One person alleged that the man was fighting with his girlfriend and got into an altercation with a female Disney Cast Member.

"I was in line behind him and his girlfriend. He was definitely on something. He was trying to fight the girlfriend in line then ended up grabbing a female cast member by the neck and pushing her," the person commented.

In a comment from the person who originally posted the video, they seemingly confirmed that story, saying, "Update: So what happened was he fought his girlfriend in line, then laid hands on a female cast member."

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