Phish sent an autographed Vitamix to The Price is Right host Drew Carey, after the TV star said he would "stick my dick in a blender" to see the jam rock heroes perform at the Las Vegas Sphere again.

"I swear I just talked to God," Carey tweeted on April 22 after attending one of Phish's four shows at the groundbreaking venue last weekend. "I would give you all my money, stick my dick in a blender and swear off pussy for the rest of my life in exchange for this. Bro I met God tonight for real. I feel like I just got saved by Jesus no lie."
Four days later, the former sitcom star revealed that the band had indeed sent him everything he needed to fulfill his promise. "Hi Drew! So thrilled that you could be at the Sphere with us," read a the gift card. "Hope you enjoy this gift and let's do it again."
Guitarist Trey Anastasio even autographed the blender: "Thank you Drew! See you next time, happy blending!"

Dead and Company are Next Up at the Sphere

There's no word on if or when Phish will return to the Sphere. They will spend the summer performing multiple-night stands at amphitheaters across the country in support of their upcoming new studio album Evolve.

Dead & Company will take over the Sphere for a two-month long residency currently set to kick off on May 16 and conclude July 13. The New York Post recently reported that Eagles are slated to perform at the Sphere for three months beginning in September, but the band has not confirmed that report.

Phish at the Sphere: Opening Night Photos

The jam rock legends begin their four-night stand at the groundbreaking new venue.

Gallery Credit: Matthew Wilkening


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