A talking Halloween decoration is confusing Target shoppers who don't understand his apparent unique sense of humor.

'My Name Is Lewis'

Videos shared on TikTok show a towering decorative figure with a pumpkin for its head greeting those walking through the aisles at Target. Instead of blurting out something scary to startle passersby, the decoration's voice provides a bold declaration.

"I am not a jack-o-latern," it loudly shouts from its speaker. "My name is Lewis."

If you didn't catch the joke, his name is "Lewis" instead of "Jack." Get it?

You're not alone if you didn't understand Lewis's sense of humor. The TikTok videos are flooded with comments from people who apparently didn't get the joke.

"But what is his story? How did Lewis become this way," one TikTok user commented.

Some admitted it took a couple times listening to Lewis to realize he was trying to be funny.

"I JUST realize the joke is he's not JACK-o-lantern, he's LEWIS(-o-lantern)," michelerene221 said on one of the videos.

How To Get A Lewis-O-Lantern

The 8-foot tall decoration is currently only available in Target stores for $180. An online listing says it is called the Light and Sound Pumpkin Halloween Ghoul from Hyde & EEK! Boutique

"This tall Halloween decoration features an orange jack-o-lantern ghoul dressed in a tattered hooded robe that lets out spooky sounds as the face lights up," according to an online description for the item.

There is no mention of Lewis.

TikTok user garbage.god confirmed the decoration does offer additional phrases besides its line about being named Lewis.

WARNING: Language

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