This week, former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher offered his thoughts on AISIS, the AI-generated Oasis band that was created by some fellow English musicians in a group called Breezer.

AISIS' recently released the effort The Lost Tapes Vol. 1, which combines AI Gallagher vocals atop Breezer's own rock music. It sounds like a trippy dream version of Oasis that could just as readily turn to nightmare territory. So what does Gallagher think about it?

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"Not the [whole] album," Liam said when a Twitter follower recently asked him. But he "heard a tune [and] it's better than all the other snizzle out there."

He's also apparently gassed with the vocals that sound like him, yet were created with artificial intelligence. "Mad as fuck," Liam responded, "I sound mega."

How Does AISIS Work?

How was AI Oasis created? "Our band [Breezer] sounded exactly like Oasis," singer-producer Bobby Geraghty explained to The Guardian in an interview.

"All I had to do was replace my vocals with Liam's," he added. Geraghty spliced various a cappella recordings of Liam to train his AI version of the singer, then layered it overtop Breezer recordings.

"We originally had the idea to put it out as a lost Oasis tape," Breezer drummer Jon Claire said before underscoring, "We're actually a bunch of normal guys."

The drummer continued, "We just wanted to give people a bit of nostalgia — a what-might-have-been because we never really got any closure from Oasis. They just got worse and worse over the years, didn't they?"

Liam Gallagher Twitter

As Liam fans are likely aware, the musician is a prolific Twitter user. His latest solo album, C'mon You Know, takes its name from one of his Twitter sign-offs.

Oasis disbanded in 2009. As it stands, there appears to be no Oasis reunion on the immediate horizon. But Liam has hinted at one in the past.

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