Animals as Leaders have posted that their guitar tech, Dave Cohen, recently passed away unexpectedly from an apparent concert-related death. Reports have surfaced online that Cohen was attending a Counterparts concert in Billings, Montana this past Sunday (July 16) at the Pub Station on a night off from the band's current tour when the incident occurred.

According to a Reddit thread, it initially appeared to those at the show that Cohen had been knocked out while watching the show from the pit. Another Reddit thread suggested that the show had ended early as a result.

A fan on the thread revealed that they had asked the venue about Cohen's condition as was later told, "He took an elbow to the face, lost consciousness and never regained it. Paramedics tried all they could. They performed CPR and used defibrillators after he was having a seizure. It was very sad to see. R.I.P., prayers to his friends and family." Someone claiming to be a staff member at The Pub Station later relayed on the Reddit thread that it was an accidental blow that Cohen received that led to his death, calling it an "unfortunate tragedy."

In their statement on Cohen's death, Animals as Leaders shared the following:

Dear friends,
Last night we experienced a part of life that none of us look forward to, the unexpected passing of our dear friend and guitar tech Dave Cohen. He was an amazing person, loved by all who met him. He was a wise and centered being. A true inspirational person to be around. We are thankful for the experiences and memories we shared with Dave. Our condolences go out to his friends and family. A soul is lost but never forgotten.

In the comments of the post, Dream Theater drummer Mike Mangini, who had been on tour with Animals as Leaders, stated, "My eyes were not dry today. It took one conversation early in this tour with Dave to see his incredible soul. Say a prayer for him in your own way."

Counterparts also relayed their condolences in a posting through their Instagram stories. "Sending all the love in the world to Dave's family and friends at this time. RIP," commented the group.

Instagram: Counterparts

In addition to serving as a guitar tech for Animals as Leaders, Cohen was a luthier who started his own business Equilibrium Guitars. He also had played in multiple bands, including the group Chuggernaut.

Animals as Leaders are currently out on tour with Dream Theater and Devin Townsend. Dates can be found here.

Our condolences to Animals as Leaders, Cohen's family and his extended rock family.

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