Here are the 10 best new grunge bands to have emerged since 2010, chosen by Of Limbo's Jake and Luke Davies.

Even retrospectively, grunge is a style of rock that is difficult to define in any exact terms. Just look at the genre's Big 4 — Nirvana, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Alice In Chains — who each have a radically different sound from one another, yet all get lumped under the same category. Nowadays, it's very much the same case, with those influences spilling over to a new generation of rockers, each with their own direction that ties back to '90s grunge.

Here, Of Limbo, comprised of two brothers who were raised in Melbourne, Australia and later moved to the U.S., survey the best of the modern grunge scene, one they populate themselves. Their latest song, "California Demon," is full of smoldering riffs and a lyrical concept best left to the band to explain.

“The song explores the concept of selling your soul for fame and fortune, but in a literal sense as if the devil was real and young, innocent, corruptible people are actually coming to Hollywood and selling their soul to become a star," begins Luke, who goes on, "There’s a large section of the population, like our conspiracy theory loving uncle, who believe this to be 100 percent fact/reality. He sends us videos of stars in interviews implying they sold their souls, or clips from the latest award show performances from Sam Smith or mumble rappers dressed up as Satan. He doesn’t believe this is just pageantry. He thinks it’s all some kind of televised Satanic ritual."

“I don’t know where I stand on it all, honestly," Luke continues, "but it’s always been interesting to us. One thing is for sure, 'the elite' get up to some pretty weird Eyes Wide Shut style shit behind closed doors. Like that bohemian grove party all the politicians go to in Northern California every year, that shit is WILD! Burning mock human sacrifices under that huge demon owl effigy?! Total freak show. But yeah, it’s a concept we always felt was perfect for a rock song: innocent girl comes to Hollywood with wide eyes and high hopes, only to find she has to sacrifice a lot more than she bargained for.. HER SOUL.”

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Watch the video for "California Demon" directly below and see Of Limbo's picks for the 10 best new grunge bands since 2010 further down the page.

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Of Limbo, "California Demon"

10 Best New Grunge Bands Since 2010, Chosen by Of Limbo's Jake & Luke Davies

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