It's release day for Billy Morrison's star-studded solo set The Morrison Project, and the singer recently conducted an album release special on SiriusXM's Ozzy's Boneyard where several key insights were learned. Here are some of the takeaways from the special which was held at the SiriusXM studios in Los Angeles.

With a Little Help From My Friends

In speaking on the new album and the bevy of guests that appear, Morrison noted to SiriusXM host Tommy London that this didn't initially start out with the idea of doing a full studio album. It was just a group of friends jamming together.

The guitarist has amassed a wealth of musical pals over the years playing for Billy Idol's band and The Cult as well as the star-studded Royal Machines and its predecessor Camp Freddy.

That idea of friendship came back around in conversation later when the panel of Billy Morrison, Ozzy Osbourne, John 5 and Steve Stevens were discussing "Crack Cocaine," featuring Osbourne on vocals.

As Morrison recounted Steve Stevens saying, "This is what it sounds like when friends write together." Morrison, Stevens and Ozzy also shared a laugh about Ozzy's no holds barred approach to giving his opinion when there's something that doesn't hit him right.

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Ozzy Osbourne, Steve Stevens and Billy Morrison Chat About Their Working Relationship on SiriusXM's Ozzy's Boneyard

Cockroach Rentals

Billy Morrison recently released the video for the single "Drowning," and among the revelations from the video is that you can actually rent trained cockroaches for your video shoot.

Morrison explained it was a "pretty bizarre" feeling having the cockroaches roam around his face in the clip. The musician also had a scare while filming some of the underwater scenes as well.

Billy Morrison, "Drowning"

What's Next?

Morrison teased that he had recently filmed a video with actor Joe Manganiello, but added that the real star of his "It's Come to This" video would be a 1969 Shelby Mustang.

The musician recounted the thoroughly enjoyable experience of visiting Galpin's prized vehicles in the Southern California area and singling out the Shelby Mustang when given the option of which car he wanted for the clip.

While Morrison took full advantage of the chance to take the choice vehicle for a spin in the clip, he did note there were plenty of eyes on him with "don't break it" judgment.

Two for One Al Jourgensen

Ministry's Al Jourgensen guests on the new album, but Morrison got kind of a two-for-one deal as he was seeking Jourgensen's input on one song, but the part he sent back was great enough to forge a second song.

As such, that left Morrison to use Jourgensen's vocal for "The Ayes Have It," which also features John 5, while Morrison stepped up to the mic to complete "Dystopia," the song he initially sought Jourgensen for.

But there's still a bit of the Ministry vocalist's touch as Morrison reveals he used Al's vocal chain in recording his vocals for the track.

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Jane Stuart @JaneStuartPhotos / SiriusXM. Ozzy's Boneyard

It's an Eclectic Record

Throughout the special, Morrison shouted out a variety of influences. "The Sound of Freedom" is a Brit-pop homage inspired by Liam Gallagher and Happy Mondays, "Incite the Witch" had a very Wildhearts vibe, with Morrison pulling in Corey Taylor and Steve Vai for guest turns. And then there's "Just Like a Movie," which incorporated the rap stylings of Run D.M.C.'s Darryl McDaniels with Gary Numan's daughter Persia Numan providing some of the Middle Eastern instrumentation backing.

Morrison revealed he's gravitated toward rap music over the years, feeling it shares a kindred spirt with the punk music he grew up on.

Might We See a Tour or More Videos?

Given the amount of guests on the album, Morrison explained that a full-fledged tour was unlikely. He did however toss open the idea of gathering some of the guests for one off shows on either coast if there was some support behind it.

He also alluded to his star-studded covers band, Royal Machines, which often features some of the guest players on the album, as providing a prime opportunity to play a song or two live should things fall into place.

Morrison also shared his desire to shoot videos for most if not all the songs on the album and was hoping to pin down John 5 during the album special to make a guest appearance in at least one of them.

Billy Morrison's The Morrison Project is out today (April 19). It's available to purchase or stream here.

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