It's usually a very exciting moment for fans when they get to meet and take photos with the bands that they love, even when you're already a superstar yourself. I Prevail attended one of Carrie Underwood's shows earlier this week, and the country singer shared her "fangirl" moment on Instagram following the meeting.

Underwood has always expressed her appreciation for rock 'n' roll, but I Prevail are one of the groups she's really highlighted as a personal favorite of hers over the last few years. The singer is currently on tour in support of her 2022 album Denim & Rhinestonesand I Prevail attended her show at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Mich. on Feb. 26.

"I was so excited to have the guys from I Prevail at the show last night in Michigan!" Underwood wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. "I tried to play it cool and not fangirl too much! Super great guys! I'm hoping I get to catch one of their shows this year!"

The band's vocalists, Brian Burkheiser and Eric Vanlerberghe, both commented on the picture, thanking the singer for having them at the show, and the latter added, "There was an equal amount of fangirling haha." Jonny Hawkins of Nothing More, commented as well, writing, "Awesome." Nothing More posted a photo with the vocalist last summer after she attended one of their shows, and they called her "metal at heart" in the caption.

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Last year, Underwood shocked the crowd at California's Stagecoach Festival when she brought Axl Rose onstage to sing two Guns N' Roses sings with her, and a few months later, the rockers returned the favor and invited her to perform a few songs with them during their two shows in London. Since then, the country vocalist has performed "Welcome to the Jungle" during the encore of nearly every one of her concerts on the Denim & Rhinestones tour.

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