Guitarist and founding member of Suicide Silence Chris Garza recently revealed the album he hates the most during an interview with Metal Injection. The winner: 2020's Become The Hunter.

It seems the circumstances surrounding Become The Hunter is what made it Garza's least-favorite record. To start, the band decided to change their practice space, and Garza wasn't a fan of that. "That was the first and only batch of songs that weren't written in a garage," he explained. "For those of you that don't know, everything before Become The Hunter and after has been written in the same garage... Suicide Silence was born in my parents' garage..."

The band's lineup also had some issues at the time, and then-drummer Alex Lopez was credited on the album despite it being performed by Ernie Iniguez. "There were some [songs] we started with Alex and Ernie came in and finished them – it's weirdly credited. I don't even know."

To top it all off, Garza felt like Become The Hunter was released just to have a new Suicide Record out. They had to release new music out out of "necessity," which Garza noted is "not the best way to put music out."

He concluding by saying, "You're trying to move forward and other people are going through their lives. Someone's turning 30 and having a quarter life crisis, everyone's trying to grow up… I honestly don't like that record at all."

Garza is currently gearing up to head on tour with Suicide silence for the 2023 edition of Chaos & Carnage. Dying Fetus are set as co-headliners for the run, which kicks off on April 7 in Fort Worth, Texas. Make sure to grab your tickets here.

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