Former Fever 333 members Aric Improta and Stephen "Stevis" Harrison have announced their new band together, after jointly leaving the group in 2022.

Fever 333 Members' New Band

Today, Improta and Harrison made a joint Instagram post announcing their new band, House of Protection. The clip uploaded to Instagram features a voiceover to listeners, "Welcome to the House of Protection," though it features no music.

While Harrison provided some vocals during Fever 333's live performances, this clip seems to indicate he'll fully be stepping into the lead vocalist role in this new venture. Solely going off on visuals and Harrison screaming, we're hoping it's as chaotic as the performances they brought to Fever 333.

The video also announces their new music will be on Red Bull Records, which has long been home to Beartooth.

Why Did Both Fever 333 Members Leave the Band?

It came as a major shock to fans of Fever 333 when both Improta and Harrison announced they were exiting the band in October of 2022. At the time, Improta took to Instagram writing, "Steve and I have decided to step away from Fever 333. Its layered, but ultimately, I’d just rather dedicate my time to projects that operate different than that one."

Harrison made his own post on Instagram at the time, writing "I won’t get into the details but things were pretty bad internally. That plus creative differences sort of left me with no choice."

Neither member nor singer Jason Aalon Butler has come out and explicitly said what was happening in the band. It should be noted that Improta and Harrison had no writing credits on Fever 333's recorded music. While they were live members of the band, songwriting was handled by Butler, producer John Feldmann, drummer Travis Barker and a myriad of other musicians.

What Is Jason Aalon Butler Doing Now? 

Despite the rest of the band leaving on him, Butler has kept busy both in Fever 333 and outside of it. With Fever 333, Butler added guitarist Brandon Davis, bassist April Kae, and drummer Thomas Pridgen (formerly of The Mars Volta and Suicidal Tendencies) to the band's lineup.

Last week, Butler announced he was bringing back his original band letlive. for a "proper farewell" tour after they originally split.

What Will House of Protection Sound Like? 

Right now, it's unknown exactly what music from the duo will sound like.

Harrison and Improta however have a great track record when it comes to bands they've performed in. Harrison was an absolute firebrand as a bassist for metalcore group The Chariot, while Improta is still laying things down for post-hardcore act Night Verses.

Thankfully, we won't have to wait long, as House of Protection will premiere their first song next week on April 30.

See the teaser video below.

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