There's plenty of love and reminiscence as Liam Gallagher is set to revisit Oasis' Definitely Maybe album for its 30th anniversary next year, but Liam's brother and former Oasis member Noel Gallagher has revealed that behind the scenes, things were quite "dreadful" before he eventually left the group, and that's one thing that's been overlooked in the discussions of celebrations and the potential for a reunion.

Liam announced his tour earlier this week, then confirmed to a fan a day later that Noel had been asked about participating in the run but had refused to do so.

While speaking with the Daily Star (as transcribed by NME), Noel recalled of his final year with Oasis, “The last tour was not happy. The other fella is trying to rewrite history that it was all fucking great. It wasn’t."

“It was a fucking dreadful last year of Oasis," he continued. "You get one shot at life. Why be unhappy? Whether it be in your personal or professional life, why? You’re just wasting a precious thing.”

Though Liam just announced the tour and confirmed Noel would not be participating, Noel's thoughts on a potential reunion run had been discussed earlier in the year. Back in April this year, Noel Gallagher appeared to have moved on from the thought, confirming that while he was involved in what will be a 30th anniversary reissue of Definitely Maybe, there would not be a full on Oasis reunion tour to support the occasion.

“There won’t be a tour, we won’t come back to play them together," said Noel Gallagher at the time.

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In May, Gallagher elaborated on his desire to move forward with Spin, explaining when asked if he intended to revisit the album live, "Well, I’m not going to perform it in its entirety on the banjo, if that’s what you mean. I prefer to live in the moment and keep making new music. I acknowledge the past. Definitely Maybe is great and Oasis were great. It was an amazing moment in everybody’s lives, but you’ve got one life. I don’t intend to fucking live it in the past."

That said, the year has been stacked with Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher back-and-forth about a potential reunion, with Noel challenging his brother to call him while publicly explaining why he never would. The most recent public challenge from Noel took place in June, with Liam eventually responding back through fan questions on X (formerly Twitter).

"Rkids been in usa 2 days and he’s turned into RIC FLAIR it’s coming up it’s DARE," Liam began, dropping a famous wrestler and a Gorillaz lyric all in his first comment on the challenge. When a fan asked what would happen if they were in the same room together, Liam countered, "Don’t know he sounds a bit scary id defo tool up."

When another fan asked why Noel doesn't just call him, Liam stated, "Exactly he split the band up put lots of people out of jobs ruined many folks lives and he wants me to do the calling he is fucking DELUSIONAL he can call me though id love to hear from him it’s been to long."

Liam added that he feels Noel's "mind games" in this case have backfired, explaining, "He’s lost the plot thinks by playing mind games he’s gonna win over the fans all his doing now is getting asked about me in his interviews while promoting his new drip snookered himself once again little tart."

Liam then continued to tweet, calling Noel "Cuckoo," but telling one fan, "He knows how I feel about him deep down don’t know why he don’t call me I’m here I love him he’s my BIG brother well little BIG little you know what I mean."

While it's not known if Liam and Noel spoke directly or through intermediaries, Noel's participation in Liam's Definitely Maybe 30th anniversary run will not be happening. But that hasn't dampened Liam's spirits concerning the tour.

“I’m bouncing around the house to announce the 'Definitely Maybe’ Tour,” said Gallagher in a statement. “The most important album of the ‘90s bar none. I wouldn’t be anywhere without it and neither would you, so let’s celebrate together."

The trek kicks off in Sheffield on June 2, wrapping on June 27 in Manchester. Dates can be viewed at the bottom of this post, while tickets will go on sale this Friday (Oct. 20) at this location.

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