Congrats to Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello, who after a totally wholesome social media exchange with actor Henry Winkler, was told by the Happy Days star that he was making him "president" of the Fonzie Fan Club.

It's been the type of fun and nostalgic back and forth that makes social media fun, and has captured the positive vibes of many followers on the X social media platform as well.

How Did the Tom Morello / Henry Winkler Social Media Lovefest Begin?

Henry Winkler, who most recently earned praise for his role on HBO's Barry, tweeted on April 8 that he had seen Morello play with Bruce Springsteen the night before at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, and had some words of praise for the guitarist.

"@tmorello you were on another level last night at the Forum! Thank you, Henry," tweeted out the actor. He later added, "TomMorello played like he was touched by God with Bruce S" and responded to another fan that the guitarist was "on fire."

The performance Winkler saw featured Morello, who had previously filled in with Springsteen's band, playing on "American Skin (41 Shots)" and "The Ghost of Tom Joad." Both songs returned to the set for the first time in nearly seven years, per

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What Tom Morello Shared in Response

Little did fans know what was about to come next, as Morello had his long awaited fan boy moment with one of his childhood acting faves.

First tweeting, "I love the Fonz," he later elaborated how deep his fandom of Winkler's most beloved character went.

"As a kid I was a member of the Fonzie Fan Club. I had a membership card and subscription to the official Fonzie fanzine," wrote Morello. "I planned my week around Happy Days on Thursday nights. So thank YOU @hwinkler4real Henry Winkler for making my day!"

The Love Fest Continues

Seeing Morello's fandom, the obviously touched Winkler responded, "This post makes me so happy ..AAAAAAAY," revisiting one of his famous Happy Days catch phrases.

The exchange obviously stayed with Winkler for a bit, as he later returned to X to tell Morello, "I still can not get over your post .. I here by make you the President of the club Tom."

Morello then responded to his new "appointment," telling Winkler, "With humility I accept this great honor. As President of the Fonzie Fan Club I hereby appoint Leather and Pinky Tuscadero to my cabinet."

How Fans Responded

The nostalgic and totally wholesome exchange hit the social media sweet spot for many followers who weighed in on Morello's new "promotion." A sampling of fan responses can be viewed below.

Where You Can See Tom Morello in 2024

The guitar great will be heading overseas to play solo dates this summer. His European tour starts June 15 in Camden in the U.K. and wraps July 18 in Caso Do Infantado, Portugal. All Tom Morello tickets are currently on sale.

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