A new Slipknot billboard in the California desert as well as a Slipknot themed website have fans buzzing, giving us all reason to be on alert for a forthcoming announcement of some kind. But what are Slipknot teasing?

Slipknot's New Billboard

Perhaps taking advantage of heavy traffic to one of the year's bigger festivals, a Slipknot-centric billboard has popped up near Indio, California, which plays host to the Coachella festival each year over successive weekends.

The visual ad features the Slipknot logo lettering against a black backdrop with messaging on both sides. Once side notes "One Night Only," while the other states, "Long May You Die." Also included on the billboard is a website link for youcantkillme.com.

A fan made sure to get a clear shot of the billboard, which has now been posted to Reddit where fans are speculating what it all means.

Thanks to u/deadendandrea, they went out to snag us a clear shot of the mysterious Slipknot billboard!
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What Fans Are Saying About the Billboard?

Most are taking the location of the billboard to indicate that the festival grounds in Indio will play host to a special "One Night Only" performance. The Coachella and Stagecoach festivals have happened annually there, while last year Indio also hosted the Power Trip Festival in the fall.

Additional speculation is that they may be putting on a daily festival event with their Knotfest branding as well. And given that 25th anniversary plans are already underway, the Slipknot performance is expected to center around their 1999 self-titled breakout album.

About That Slipknot Website

For those digging into the other piece of promotion from the billboard, the You Can't Kill Me website also seems to be promotion noting a celebration of the 25th anniversary of Slipknot's self-titled 1999 set.

The website, which reportedly initially surfaced about a year ago, is mocked up to mirror the look of a 1999 website, humorously suggesting that users get "Netscape 4.0+ or Internet Explorer 4.0+" to catch "most of the cool stuff on this website." A scroll at the top reads, "Pay attention .... the answers are all around you," while a vintage photo is displayed on the home page. Clicking on the photo currently takes you to a missive titled "Feed the Seed."

The site has reportedly been serving up photos as well, with one of the most recent image files containing the name [ONENIGHTONLY]. That would seemingly play into the announcement from the billboard as well.

There's a bio section that appears to have come from their 1999 introduction to fans and journalists, a guest book with comments that supposedly came from entrants all dated on March 3, 2000, lyric links to every song on their self-titled album and sound files for five of the tracks - "Eyeless," "Wait and Bleed," "Surfacing," "Spit It Out" and "Me Inside."

One of the more curious things of note on the site is that the page was last updated on April 25, 2024, which hasn't happened yet. That might be a clue indicating when their next announcement will follow. That date also comes two days before the band headlines the Sick New World festival in nearby Las Vegas as well.

What Is Already Known About Slipknot's 2024-2025 Plans

The band has let it be known there will be acknowledgment of the 25th anniversary of their self-titled album and that touring to support that will carry over in 2025. A late year tour has been scheduled for the U.K. and Europe.

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Meanwhile, the band's U.S. festival appearances keep building up with stops as Sick New World, Welcome to Rockville, Sonic Temple, Rocklahoma, Louder Than Life and Aftershock already booked for this year. Plus, they have a Knotfest Brasil appearance planned in October in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

All dates and ticketing info can be found on the Slipknot official website.

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