Every sequel is a risky creative proposition. But there are two words that always make me nervous when I see them in a sequel’s title:

Part Two.

That’s because when you call something a part two, you’re telling the audience that you’re doing more than simply continuing the story of a movie people loved. A “Part 2” announces that the aforementioned story people loved wasn’t complete after all — and that you in order to see the full picture, you need to watch this new film.

In some cases, that is actually true, like when filmmakers are adapting a book that’s so epic in scope they decide to break it into two halves for the big screen. In other cases, it is a total crock of bull; a marketing hook to make a superfluous cash-in feel a little more consequential.

There are a lot of cases of the latter; I will never forget the sinking feeling of despair as I sat in the theater watching The Last Exorcism Part II. But there are some times when a sequel earns its Part 2. For those examples, we humbly submit this list, the ten best Part 2’s in film history.

In order to make the cut, the film had to include the phrase “Part 2” (or Part II or Part Two or, in one case, Part Deux). The word part was key; no Chapters or other alternate phrases allowed. I didn’t even let The LEGO Movie: The Second Part slide. We’re just looking for Part 2s here. Among the sequels with those sorts of titles, here are the best of the best...

The Best Part 2 Sequels Ever

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Forgotten Movie Sequels

Although few of them are remembered well (or at all) these sequels all exist.

Gallery Credit: Josh Spiegel

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