Think physical media is dead? Try telling that to the people who spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on Blu-rays and box sets recently on eBay.

While overall Blu-ray and DVD sales are certainly down from their peak, the aftermarket for physical media is still going very strong. In fact, the wider decline in home video might be helping demand for certain discs. Fewer of these movies get made, and fewer of these movies are sold. That means there are fewer to go around for those that do want them. And that can lead to some higher prices.

Like the ones you are about to see below, which were sold for three or more figures recently on eBay. (The numbers for the best offers on some of the items come from the website Please note that I did my best to weed out iffy listings. If one person paid $700 for a Blu-ray, but ten other people around the same time all purchased the exact same Blu-ray for $50, it didn’t feel like the $700 was a fair measure of its value, and I didn’t include it.

Similarly, if a box set is currently selling on eBay for $350 but the original list price was $299.99, that didn’t strike me as particularly “valuable” either. (Now, if a box set originally sold for $299.99 and now it’s going for $650, that’s another story.) I also decided to exclude most steelbooks and extremely low-run limited editions, simply because that seemed like a whole other list entirely.

With all of those caveats out of the way, here are 25 Blu-rays, 4Ks, and box sets that are still extremely valuable:

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