Vampires, immortal as they are, will always be a part of horror cinema, either sparkling in the sunlight to woo teen girlfriends or trapping real estate agents in their ancient castles so their army of undead wives can suck their blood. They’ve made their way from whispered warnings in fairy tales and folklore to the biggest movie screens, and we haven’t gotten bored with their undead antics yet. (Although we could do with more vampires in capes; no one has cool capes in movies these days.)

With The Last Voyage of the Demeter offering yet another twist on the vampire genre, we figured we would honor the O.G. scary vampire (that’s Dracula, if you’re wondering) by counting down the scariest movie vampires of all time, starting with a classic from 1920s German Expressionism and traveling through Sweden, South Korea, snowy Alaska, and post-Apocalypse New York City to bring you the spookiest of the spooky, those fanged freaks that keep us up at night long after the credits have rolled. As one Abraham Van Helsing once said, “The strength of the vampire is that people will not believe in him.” Hopefully, this list will convince you otherwise.

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The Scariest Movie Vampires of All Time

From Dracula to Jerry (yes, Jerry), these are the vampires that'll have you stringing garlic around your windows.
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