Here's the TL;DR version: Recently, a contestant named Ben biffed it on an easy question about Tacoma.


Just because I am not an avid Jeopardy fan doesn't mean I won't leap at the chance to poke fun at contestants who get questions wrong on the show (unless I didn’t know the answer either, which is admittedly 99% of the time).

It seems I just might be the only person in Washington state that doesn’t keep up with watching the TV game show, Jeopardy. I don't know what time it comes on, I don't even know which channel, and I don't think the questions are easy to answer. I haven't even watched over-the-air TV in ages because, if it's not on Netflix or HBOMax (it's mama called it HBO, I'm calling it HBO!), then I'm probably not watching it.

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Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Tacoma, WA
The Tacoma Narrows Bridge in Tacoma, WA (Canva)

I somehow didn’t get the memo that I’m supposed to be watching Jeopardy during dinnertime. Case in point: the other day, one of my besties invited my family over to their house for dinner. I kept hearing one of their kids yelling loudly in anger and screaming in the other room, and I was like, “Hey, do you need to go check on your son?” and they were like, “Oh no, he’s just watching Jeopardy. We watch it every night during dinner.

It seems that adults and kids alike sure do get mad when contestants get stumped over easy Jeopardy questions, like a couple of weeks ago when a contestant named Ben Goldstein biffed it on an easy question about Tacoma.


The question was worth $1,200.

ANSWER: The Museum of Glass & the University of Puget Sound are in this city, the seat of Pierce County.

Ben said, and I quote:

Ben Goldstein on Jeopardy Missed Question About Tacoma, WA
Jeopardy via YouTube




Easy Tacoma Jeopardy Question
Getty Images/Canva

It’s Tacoma. The question is “WHAT IS TACOMA!”


Tacoma is the second largest city in Washington state, founded in 1875.

Home of the Joint Base Lewis-McChord military base, University of Puget Sound, the Tacoma Dome, MultiCare Health System, the American Car Museum, a nationally recognized tiny diner, Mars candy bars, and the Tacoma Aroma! (I only know this because I have lived in Washington for over 20 years. I’m almost practically a ‘local’ by now!)

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Wow, I actually knew something a Jeopardy champion contestant didn’t know. If you knew the answer to this easy question about Tacoma, too, then good news: We can both go on about our day with a boost of smug inner confidence.



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