Jane's Addiction have experienced their share of downtime during their career, but they've been on a pretty good roll as of late. However, according to singer Perry Farrell, the alt-rock giants are on hiatus once again.

Farrell broke the news during an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone. However, Farrell has good reason to take a break from Jane's Addiction, as the vocalist is working on the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) musical 'Kind Heaven' about the sex and drug trades in Thailand. Yep, you read that correctly.

Farrell is enigmatic to say the least, so the bizarre combination of themes seems right up the man's alley. Farrell calls 'Kind Heaven' "a love story with a very modern scenario," creating a plot where the Thai government brings in soldiers to restore order and subdue insurgents. One of the soldiers falls in love with a female worker, and together, they run away to a Buddhist monastery called Kind Heaven. "It's completely fictional," says Farrell, "but I wouldn't doubt it for a minute."

Electronic dance music may not seem like the go-to style to base 'Kind Heaven' on, but once again, it's Perry Farrell. Additionally, the show will be very immersive, as audience members will be able to walk through the production to give the feel of interactive performance art rather than traditional theater. Farrell hopes to open the show in Las Vegas, but the Jane's Addiction frontman has recently visited the city to scope out potential theaters.

"This is a pretty massive undertaking," Farrell says, "so Jane's Addiction is going to take a hiatus. It’ll be a couple of years before you see Jane’s again."