Bikers vs. vikings? That is the question. Both TV shows are amazing and eventful. They hit home for a lot of us in so many ways. I believe that the biker had viking ancestors without a doubt.  I know mine are. From a man’s point of view they are tough and do not take anybody's crap and from a woman's point of view, they are not ugly.On one hand, you have the rough but very faithful Jax, who is all about brotherhood and loyalty. When he is pissed, he gets the job done. He has a normal day besides that. Taking care of his boys and being charismatic so the whole world loves him.  At the same time, you know that if you cross him, death will surely be around the corner.


On the other hand, you have a guy who is a lot like Jax. Brotherhood and loyalty to those who are loyal. And he is all about family, but he is more concerned with having a son than what woman has the son for him. But his terror is raw and after one thing: power. And the way he drives himself he will surely win.

Watch the clips below from both Jax and Ragnar and you decide.  If Jax and Ragnar got into a fight, my money is on Ragnar. I love Jax, but he will surely lose.


Vikings: 'Battle On The Beach'

SOA: Jax is Pissed

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