Jager Henry is the grandson of the late, great John Bonham, and he's continuing his family's musical legacy by creating his own songs. Today (Sept. 15), he's added to his catalog with a new pop-punk track called "Hate Me."

Unlike his father Jason Bonham and his grandfather before him, Henry's musical path features him behind the mic, rather than behind the drum kit. He didn't follow in the footsteps of Led Zeppelin sonically, either — the angsty nature of the song is closer to that of Machine Gun Kelly than the '70s bluesy rock giants.

“My voice is my instrument,” the young rocker stated in a press release for the song. “My genre is a little different too, but it’s all rock ‘n’ roll.”

"Hate Me" is the product of a studio session that started with a drum beat and a bassline. After receiving a "dramatic phone call," according to the video's description, Henry had all the inspiration he needed to pen the lyrics.

Check out the video below.

Though Henry's last name is really Bonham, and he still uses it on his Instagram, he chose to drop it when it comes to his music.

“I was always talked about due to my last name, so I thought why not switch it up a little and just basically took my last name and replaced it with my middle name and it had a nice ring to it," he explained.

The rocker previously teamed up with Korn's Ray Luzier for a song called "Love Yourself," which came out in February of this year. He has a performance scheduled for tomorrow night at the Viper Room in Los Angeles — get tickets here.

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