If you're in Carnation, Washington anytime soon, you may just bump into movie star Johnny Depp.
Apparently, he is in town shooting scenes for a film titled "Lucky Them" with co-star Toni Collette  The project was originally headed by the late Paul Newman before he died back in 2008.

According to Celebuzz, "the movie producers have asked people in town to take down their photos and tweets, and locals have been urged to stay mum on the celebrity sighting."

Even with the admonition, locals have snapped photos and  revealed sightings of the philanthropic Depp, including a young lady who got the star to pose with while strumming his guitar at a local gift shop.

Depp was also spied at Salish Lodge on the falls of the Snoqualmie River dining with four unidentified men.

What does a celebrity of his magnitude order for dinner?  A non-alcoholic beer, a beet salad, beef tenderloin and hazelnut mousse for dessert.

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