Modern politics have gotten so t W I s T e D...

Consider one of the races currently underway for governor in Japan. Yuusuke Kawai is running for governor of Chiba Prefecture ... and he is doing it as the Joker, and specifically as the Joker from the recent Todd Phillips film portrayed by Joaquin Phoenix. He’s got the red suit and face paint and everything.

He recently presented his campaign platform in costume on NHK.

As noted by Kotaku, among his campaign proposals, he promises to...

“Rename Narita Airport, which is located in Chiba, as Disney Sky ... make “Let It Go” from Frozen Chiba’s theme song ... refer to rabble-rousers, for which Chiba is known, by the cuter sounding “Olaf.”

You know, for a Joker, this guy really seems to like Frozen an awful lot. Shouldn’t he have more anti-Batman proposals in his platform, like outlawing the Batmobile or making it illegal to wear a cape in public? What’s the world coming to today when a man dressed as the Joker can’t even openly advocate for the destruction of the Dark Knight?!?

If all that’s not enough, Kawai also has his own music video as the Joker as well:

Regarding his unusual campaign strategy, Kawai also told Tokyo Sports, “Since the clown is kind of a dark hero, I had this impression that I could get the support of the masses.” On the plus side, this Joker is not a coronavirus denier; during his platform speech, he encouraged people to continue wearing masks to stop the spread of the coronavirus. This guy might not be the governor Chiba Prefecture needs right now, but he could be the one they deserve.

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